The Slenderman Song

by Brentalfloss



Here are some mixes of the new brentalfloss song about the horrifying indie game Slender. Chiptune version too! Let's get spooky.

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released October 26, 2012




Dj CUTMAN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dj CUTMAN is a pioneer performer of Chiptune and Video Game Music. Mixing world-class Chiptune composers into epic, dancable sets infused with dubstep, hip-hop, funk and soul, Dj CUTMAN brings years of experience as an audio engineer into the DJ world. Sampling sounds and melodies from classic video games, Dj CUTMAN creates a nostalgic and exciting musical experience that’s unlike any other. ... more

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Track Name: Slender Man Song ft. Dj CUTMAN
Who can make your soul die…
With a passing glance?
Leave a bunch of notes around and make you poop your pants,
The Slender Man! The Slenderman man!

Oh, the Slender Man can ‘cause he hunts you in the dark and makes your nightmares real!

Who’s around the corner
Wearing stretchy clothes?
Hiding in a bathroom with no showers or commodes?
The Slender Man! The tentacley Slender Man!

Oh, the Slender Man breaks every child he takes
Drags ‘em off to purgatory...
After that it gets quite gory...
How's that for your bedtime story?

Who is right behind you…
As you run in vain?
Who can kill you even if you somehow win the game?
The Slender Man! The Slender Man can!

The Slender Man can ‘cause he mixes you with blood until your bones taste good...
Ohhh, Slender Man!