Nerdcore Instrumentals

by Sammus + Dj CUTMAN



Contained within are seven beats produced by Sammus and mastered by Dj CUTMAN. These beats were originally part of the the album "Nocturnal Cantata" by MegaRan and Sammus |

A note from Dj CUTMAN:
The concept of Nerdcore Instrumentals is a way for me as an audio engineer to give back to the Nerdcore community. I've always loved hiphop music. I thought it would be a cool experiment to use some of the mastering techniques I usually reserve for dance music on hiphop instrumentals. I think the results are powerful. Use these beats as freestyle tools, mix into a DJ set, or just kick back and enjoy. Much praise to Sammus for originally making these beats and giving me the opportunity to go mad scientist on them >B]

Nerdcore Instrumentals Volume 2:

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If you enjoy this music, support the original creators by purchasing the Symphony of the Night original soundtrack |


released October 28, 2013

Original Productions by Sammus
Re-Mastered by Dj CUTMAN
Supported by GameChops,




Dj CUTMAN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dj CUTMAN is a pioneer performer of Chiptune and Video Game Music. Mixing world-class Chiptune composers into epic, dancable sets infused with dubstep, hip-hop, funk and soul, Dj CUTMAN brings years of experience as an audio engineer into the DJ world. Sampling sounds and melodies from classic video games, Dj CUTMAN creates a nostalgic and exciting musical experience that’s unlike any other. ... more

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